Amma Assante


An interview with Amma Asante – Part 2

Amma Asante is a screenwriter and award-winning director known for Belle, and A Way of Life. She is a former child actress who began her writing career at the age of 23 with a script deals from both Channel 4 in the UK and BBC. Her first movie, A Way of Life which she wrote and directed won her numerous awards. Both in the UK and Internationally.

We want to congratulate Amma for her recent win at the National Film Awards where she won Best Director for Belle, and Belle also won for Best Drama and Best Breakthrough Performance. Her new website is now live at

We are excited to share the 2nd part in a 3 part series of a personal interview done between WSA Radio’s Celebrity Reporter, Candace Newton and Amma Assante. Get to know Amma and her personal story.  To watch to part 1, please click here.

Candace Newton-ChaputWSA Radio’s Celebrity Reporter, Candace Newton

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