A handy resource to help WSA members successfully craft sections of your personal profile, company pages, status updates, blogs.

LinkedIn Character Limits

Personal Profile

First Name: 20 characters, Last Name: 40 characters

Professional Headline: 120 characters

Summary: 2,000 characters

Website Anchor Text: 30 maximum characters

Website URL: 256 maximum characters

Vanity URL: 29 characters after www.linkedin.com/in/

Position Title: 100 characters

Position Description: 200 minimum and 2000 maximum characters

Interests: 1,000 characters.

Phone number: 25 characters

Address: 1000 characters

Skills: You may add up to 50 skills using 80 characters per skill

IM (Instant message): 25 characters

Additional Info / Advice for Contacting: 2,000 characters

LinkedIn Status Update:

600 characters (unless you want to update your Twitter status at the same time. Twitter® updates are limited to 140 characters)


LinkedIn Publisher:

LinkedIn Publisher Post Headline: 100 maximum characters

LinkedIn Publisher Post Body Text: 40,000 characters.

Company Page:

Company Name: 100 maximum characters

Company Page: 2000 maximum characters

Company Update: 600 characters or 250 if including a link.

Description: 200 minimum and 1500 maximum characters

Specialties: 10 specialties, 256 maximum characters

Website URL: 256 maximum characters