Build your tribe

With the abundance of social media noise if you have a message, a cause, a passion, or a craving to make a difference, then you’ll want to build a tribe to stand out. A tribe is a social group of people with similar interests and passions. However, tribe building is NOT about convincing and converting people to your way of thinking. Rather it involves attracting those who already have the need or challenge you address. In business, your tribe will comprise those who consider you the “go to” expert or force for positive change.

Also, a tribe does not require everyone to join. Instead, it’s about attracting people who want to connect, and are waiting for you to step into the leadership role and guide them. Real change happens when there are approximately 1,000 people who adore you and naturally want grow you. If your commitment is authentic and you deeply desire to bring forth positive change, then your tribe will help make this change.

As co-founder of Social Buzz Club, we are passionate about providing a platform for collaboration to help amazing businesses to explode their visibility, enhance their reputation, and massively increase web traffic and ultimately their success.  Social media makes it possible to build tribes with people thousands of miles away as well as in your local communities.

Do you have a passion to enhance the quality of life for a certain group of people? If so who are the people who can benefit most from your work? And what do you want them to have that they would value?

How To Build Your Tribe of Raving Fans

Seth Godin, Author of “Tribes, We Need You To Lead Us” inspired this post and points to tribe building as the new form of marketing that has leveled the playing field. Social media is the playing field where you can lay a strong foundation and grow your network. Make sure that the cause/passion you choose is something you are great at. Being the best in your unique arena is important to building the confidence and support of your tribe.

Here’s the best news about building a tribe… it is a collaborative effort. You’ve heard Hilary Clinton say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well your tribe mission is your child.  You must be focused on the impact you are creating. Once you are crystal clear on the core reason for building your tribe, then clearly craft and articulate your message.

For example, whether you’re a CEO, wellness service provider, or thought leader, you company mission and vision is the message you’ll broadcast. Think this over completely so you may articulate it in a compelling way. Are you wanting to help people create healthy habits so they can more fully enjoy their lives? Or are you bringing financial integrity to people’s lives? Are you empowering and awakening transformation? Do you enhance lifestyle? Do you want to end hunger, poverty, and abuse? You must have a cause noble or fun. There is no judgment here. Ideally, your cause makes a positive difference.

Next, you want to communicate your message. Standing out on social media can be challenging. It will take time, consistency and reaching out to others with similar interests.

For example the message we have at Social Buzz Club is to collaborate and massively spread the word for each other and thereby magnifying the messages of our dedicated influencers, raising your status to your niches and empowering you to reach the widest audience possible via the social networks.

Be Generous – Promote Others and They Will Promote You

You may choose to amplify your message by getting other influencers to share your message for you. There are a few ways that may seem authentic and are effective. That’s where a content sharing network with collaboration incentives can really help.  I recommend checking out the Social Buzz Club Be sure to check out the special offer for WSA members*. We designed it to be a reciprocal sharing system that’s fun. You earn points every time you share others’ content. With the gamification aspect you can then redeem your points for the privilege of submitting your content for others to share to their networks. As a result, you’ll love being a part of the Social Buzz Club tribe. You will get lots of buzz, traffic and ultimately more leads for building your very own tribe Every month on Social Buzz U we offer the Influencer Webinar Series for our members and others want to learn more about how to build a tribe online.

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