contactmapA wrong phone number, no voicemail, incomplete contact information, a wrong or undeliverable email address, can be a few of the reasons why a potential relationship will not develop to the next level.

I am constantly bewildered by how much time I have to take to successfully contact individuals who have requested my help or who have asked to be included in my professional network. Often, I give up before I even get the chance to engage in a meaningful conversation because my time is valuable and I have little of it to waste on this kind of treasure hunt.

Professionals desire to build strong professional networks; however, many often neglect to ensure that there is an easy and efficient communication flow process securely in place to make that happen.

When push comes to shove, HR representatives still pick up the phone once interest has been sparked. Entrepreneurs still solidify budding relationships, or potential partnerships, though a voice connection that could lead to setting up a quick face-to-face meeting over a coffee or lunch.

Email is still considered to be the easiest and most desirable form of sending information, attaching documents, and communicating messages. Emails that are undeliverable, or not regularly used, can cause unnecessary frustration that can quickly bring a halt to the communication process. In fact, in many instances, undeliverable addresses result in a flurry of automatic time response emails letting the recipient know that the message is undeliverable, the inbox is full, or the email is no longer active.

On LinkedIn, there is a designated place for contact information. However, it is also suggested, and strongly recommended, to put your contact information in your summary as well, because the Contact Info. tab is only visible to 1st and 2nd degree connections. Other LinkedIn users are not able to access it. In fact, there are three places to include contact information on your LinkedIn Profile just to ensure that it is prominent and easy to access: Contact Information Tab, Summary Section, and Additional Information Section.

It is important to make yourself accessible if your call-to-action includes being contacted. This is one treasure hunt that must lead directly to the treasure!