Head shot542 Vacing 006 Press ColourJo Dibblee
Founder & Creative Director of A Frock-alicious Life™ live events
Victoria, BC



Jo Dibblee once a master of disguise and frock wearer is finally free to share her message. She was in hiding for 35 years – as a key witness in a murder investigation. Out of necessity she wore frocks of protection, she lived in disguise and tried not to draw attention – not even those closest to her knew the real story. Although she was successful and often acknowledged for the good work she did, winning several international awards; her goal was to stay under the radar. She lived in constant fear of being discovered by the man who had vowed to finish the job.

She is scrappy, a fighter for justice and the people she serves and is ever the optimist. She has been featured on Canadian media nationwide. Her Internationally Best Selling book Frock Off: Living Undisguised was awarded a bronze medal in true crime, hope and inspiration by Readers’ Favorite.

As founder and creative director of A Frock-alicious Life™ live events, Jo is committed to giving voice to experts, speakers and change agents whose message will transform those she serves. Her events are holistic in nature ranging from one to two and half days. Each event provides attendees access to business/career, and personal development. She works with speakers whose expertise creates business growth and success.  Collaboration and transformation are key words attendees use when describing the events.

Jo is purpose driven and heart centered and her philanthropic efforts touch every area of her life. She believes and lives “To whom much is given much is required” Her philanthropic work includes women’s shelters, Little Warriors and Because I am a Girl.

She is the founder of 12 For 12 (12 Books:12 Lives) an exclusive membership program that offers business women a chance to collaborate, be referred to and do business with like minded individuals all the while impacting change.

Why WSA?

I am a member of Women Speakers Association because it truly is the best place for access and collaboration. The level of open sharing is like nothing I have ever experienced.

I began as an Associate Member of the WSA, and quickly moved to a Premier Member I am so glad I engaged deeper and fuller with WSA – the rewards have been priceless. The team is dedicated to serving and supporting all who join. I recommend the WSA to all I know I love what it stands for!

Connect with Jo

Facebook: Facebook.com/Jo.Dibblee
Twitter: Twitter.com/FrockNoMore