Good business writing can become great business writing with some focused effort. When we speak for a living, we can slide into the comfort of speaking somewhat “off the cuff” and “off the top of our heads” and settle into thinking that a lot of preparation isn’t necessary for subject matter we know so well.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Successful, engaging and captivating speaking comes from thorough, organized preparation including developing and writing content and then practicing its delivery.

Words do matter. First we write, then we practice, then we speak.

The better we write, the easier the practice, the better we speak, and the more our business grows. A formula for success. Now, let’s get to the ingredients.

Not everyone considers themselves a writer, yet mindset is everything. We are all writers, no matter what skill level or experience. We need to quiet the inner voice that whispers (or shouts!):

  • “I was not a good student.”
  • “I always hated English.”
  • “I’m a terrible speller.”

We need to replace these messages and establish a positive mindset that we have the resources and can develop the skill to improve our writing. Positive affirmations are one way to turn these inner messages around. Think them, say them, WRITE them down and rehearse them until they are loud enough to drown out the negative inner messages about writing.

Our writing has impact beyond just material for our talks. It’s our currency in a sometimes sterile, often impersonal online world. Our words are the window into who we are and what we do. Good writing clarifies our purpose and differentiates us in a sea of online entrepreneurs.

We can, and should, use writing to:

  • give away great content and establish our expertise
  • contribute more effectively in social media settings
  • and connect to our audience in a way that keeps them coming back.

Infuse your speaking and your business with a boost by developing and refining your writing skill set. Establish a regular writing habit, follow writers you admire, practice techniques to set the stage before you write and to keep the words flowing once you start, and spend time editing your own work before you send that message out into the world.


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