Women Speakers Association WSA TV highlights the inspiring work and advice from these dynamic women.


This episode features women leaders: Michelle Cameron Coulter,
Deb Coman, and Jana Beeman #WSATV


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Michelle Cameron Coulter is an Olympic Gold Medalist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, wife, mother of four. She helps women entrepreneurs and business owners get absolute clarity on their dreams and passions and then to have the courage, confidence and tools to Jump in and Play Big beyond their Wildest dreams. Learn more about her at http://MichelleCameronCoulter.com

Jana Beeman helps coaches, wellness practitioners and solopreneurs stop struggling, start being seen in a much bigger way. She is dedicated to guiding business owners to make a bigger impact doing what they do. Learn more about Jana at http://CreateYourDreamPractice.com

Deb Coman shows entrepreneurs, business coaches, authors and energy workers how to get more ROI from their marketing efforts. Learn more from Deb at http://www.debcoman.com

Host and Google Hangout On Air Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Social Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist, of http://SocialBuzzClub.com and http://TransformToday.com

 Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of the valuable wisdom that they use with their clients.

Michelle shares that perfection can paralyze us, and while we generally never feel totally ready- if we just start where we are and jump in – it is the only way we get better and grow. Confidence comes from doing.

Jana suggests that you don’t need to hide… in fact, being a business owner means being visible and vulnerable – that’s how more people can find you, allowing you to make a bigger difference in the world. Be bold.

Deb recommends taking time with your writing. It’s a process that includes pre-writing steps, the actual writing itself and review and editing before it goes out into the world. When we connect in a virtual world, our words can set us apart in a sea of online options. There is great power in our words – the ones we speak and the ones we write.

WSA TV Women Experts