1. LinkedIn is not spelled Linked In
    2. Generic messages are not often appreciated. Make LinkedIn personal
    3. Put building relationships before sales and not vice-versa
    4. Ask for recommendations one at a time; skipping the bulk method
    5. Leave any form of negativity offline
    6. The “friend” option is not an option
    7. Do not ignore the summary section
    8. Do not use a nic-names or pseudo name
    9. Make sure your photo is recognizable
    10. Do not build your profile and then let others do the work
    11. Be kind to those in your network without expectation
    12. Blog and take advantage of long posts to share, inspire, and move people into action
    13. Always include a “call to action” in your summary
    14. Provide your contact information
    15. LinkedIn is your “Chamber of Commerce”, Facebook is your “Local Pub”, and Twitter is your “coffee shop”. Treat each platform accordingly
    16. Be active in groups
    17. There are no editors on LinkedIn, so get the help you need
    18. Don’t copy. You are fabulous just the way you are!
    19. Watch the tone of what you write
    20. Include your own note when sharing articles, links, etc.
    21. LinkedIn is a networking site so it is not just for job seekers; it is for all professionals
    22. Speak to your targeted audience
    23. Do not write in 3rd person. It is your profile so make sure you are not detached from the content
    24. Do not forget to use the background image for marketing purposes
    25. Follow image guidelines
    26. Do not forget the power of visuals
    27. If you are not seen, you will not be heard
    28. Use characters to enhance your profile but do not overdo it
    29. Customize your vanity URL and market it
    30. Rearrange sections of your profile to make it work for you
    31. Watch what you write. Both “motivated” and “responsible” are considered BUZZ words to avoid
    32. Leverage @mentions in your status updates
    33. Skip the Selfie, Silhouette, Pet-Pal, and Family Photo. Professional profile photos only!
    34. Use Saved Searches to never lose those important leads
    35. Use the relationship Tab and create a LinkedIn rolodex
    36. Your LinkedIn profile is not your resume so do not cut and paste
    37. Concentrate more on building relationships instead of adding connections
    38. If you own a business, creating and maintaining your own Company Page has multiple benefits – it is a public platform to build your brand, extend your reach, enhance your SEO, and actively engage with your followers
    39. Do not let you tagline default to your title in your experience section. Build one with key words
    40. LinkedIn works if you understand it, build it, and work it. So, get to it!