writers block

Do you have a great idea for a book but just don’t know how to get started? Or maybe your great idea started but then hit a wall?

Try this process from the InspireABook® program to kick start your book project.

Start with the end goal in mind, understand who you are writing for and why. If you met Oprah in the elevator, could you tell her what your book is about and why it would be worthwhile her reading it and interviewing you? Here is a process from the InspireABook® program to write your 30 second “elevator speech”

Choosing a compelling Headline

This is like the subject line you use to grab people’s attention in an email or in a blog or article. You need to address the reader directly with a compelling sentence that tells them what they are going to get when they read your book. A good example for a non-fiction book about recovery from cancer would be “Cancer cannot survive in an acid body, learn how alkaline foods can kill cancer”

For a science fiction book it might read “What would the world look like after World War 4”?

Writing the elevator pitch.

The reader wants to understand how reading this book will make them feel. Will they be inspired and motivated to take some action? Will they feel educated and more informed on the subject matter? For fiction books, will they feel entertained or identify with the views of the different characters by comparing them to their own real life?

The reader wants to feel like you are talking to them directly. Are you addressing a solution to their pain? A good example for a non-fiction book would be “Are you frustrated by all the confusing options available to lose weight and looking for a simple diet without calorie counting?”

Are you providing answers to a niche readership? If your book is about the challenge of being LGBT, be sure to include the answers the reader is looking for. An example might be for a fiction book “Louise longed to be accepted at work as the woman she knew she was inside, and she knew what she needed to do to make that happen”

The InspireABook® program has a step by step process that starts with simple questions that lead to a template to create the synopsis and elevator pitch for your book. This is then used to create a structure and flow for your book and a marketing plan to sell it. Download the white paper now to get started.