When we heard that #SpeakerChat had hit the top 5 community-based Twitter Chats – we were ecstatic. We had nurtured the chat for over three years and have had the opportunity to feature some fabulous content from our Premier members. While we knew that our chat was valuable, it was rewarding to find out that others felt the same way.

This led to Melanie and I being interviewed by Dawn Carter of Twubs, our Twitter Chat program of choice. This interview created a fair bit of buzz and we were asked if we could put together some tips to help others use Twitter Chats to grow their businesses. In response, Melanie wrote a great blog post called 8 Tips to Propel Your Platform with Twitter Chats.

We have always known that hosting a Twitter Chat or being a guest on a highly active chat can propel your business by building awareness and connections. ¬†This week’s #SpeakerChat, Melanie and I will be sharing even more information on how you can use a Twitter Chat to propel your platform.

#TwitterChat - Discussion