One of the things that is so difficult in today’s world is knowing how to get out of overwhelm. It’s just so easy to pile so many things on our plate, particularly when we’re trying to build and grow businesses. And sometimes it’s really hard to see the forest through the trees and break through the clutter and the excess and try to focus in on what matters most and how to spend our time.

On this month’s Women of Influence show, host Melanie Benson interviews one of the rising stars in the real estate world, Cindy Ertman.

Cindy reveals some simple strategies to help you break through your own glass ceiling and move into your next level of success in all areas of your life. Many of us know what we need to do, but there’s still something that keeps us locked in our own space, and we’re unable to break through that glass ceiling to get to the next level of success.


Watch the above recording from October 13th when Cindy shares:

1. The power of intentional choice for creating your life by design and fueling the outcomes you desire.
2. The importance of daily success practices such as daily meditation, daily work out routine, daily learning and daily task prioritization to accelerate your results.
3. Eliminating energy drainers and time wasters so you can focus on what matters most to you.

About Our Guest Expert:

CINDY ERTMAN is a success strategist, coach, trainer, speaker, best-selling author, TV host, business executive and founder of her own coaching and training company. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Defining Difference – a success-based coaching and training company, Cindy is devoted to helping people master the power of intentional choice to create a defining difference in their own life through her Total Success Blueprint Goal Planning Program.

Her coaching and training programs have transformed the lives of men and women by teaching them how to make powerful, intentional choices to propel their income and achieve their peak performance, nurture their health and wellness, build connected relationships and reduce stress by removing the blocks that limit their potential. She supports them in bridging their GAP (Goals Aligned with Purpose) so that they can positively impact the course of their future.