Sometimes we think that conventional wisdom holds all the answers and other times we realize we’re stuck in a rut and keep going around and around. Does having some success seem far off in the distance? Then it may be time to make the impossible possible.

This December 15th episode features women leaders:

Corine La Font, Sheila Unique, Lynn Mattice
& Barbara Churchill


Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Corine says “In the words of Bob Proctor : “You are God’s highest form of creation\” You deserve the best, you are the best, you are meant to be happy. Anything that doesn’t represent these things in your life, should be deleted, removed, cast aside and should not take your attention away from fulfilling the legacy of what God has in store for you as his highest form of creation.”

Sheila shares “Like one of my teacher clients expressed, ‘I’ve been working on the wrong problems!’ Many times we get lost in what we think is the problem. Knowing the source of the challenge saves time and energy…and a lot of healing takes place inside.”

Lynn suggest “Have fun, step away from the conventional way of running a business, both culturally and financially.  Become more profitable starting today.”

Barbara reminds us “We all have an Inner Critic inside us, trying to keep us small and from playing a bigger game. The key is learning how to manage it. I coach my clients to ask themselves three questions to see if the voice in their head is their Inner Critic or Inner Wise Self: 1. What am I doing to trigger the doubt? Are you stretching for a goal or trying something new? Your Inner Critic will try to shut you down. 2. Is the message 100% true? If there’s any gray area on this, then the message is coming from your Inner Critic. 3. Is it problem-based or solution-focused? Your Inner Critic is always problem-based. That’s how it keeps you from doing what you desire – keeps you stuck. If it’s solution-focused, bingo! You’re now listening to your Inner Wise Self – a voice you can trust every time!”

WSA-TV Dec 15th episode



Corine La Font is a speaker, author and coach who works with authors, start up entrepreneurs, women in toxic relationships, and parents. She helps women recognize their God given talent and strength. She coaches them to rediscover their worth; go for what they deserve and desire and find closure by sharing their story with others around the world through writing and books that will not only leave a legacy but globally impact the lives of others going through a similar challenge. Learn more about her work at

Sheila Unique is a trainer and speaker who partners with elementary school teachers helping them to have clarity, focus and forward action. Teachers move from frustration and overload to feeling energized and renewed in every area of their life. Learn more about her work at

Lynn Mattice is a trainer and speaker for companies desiring more profits through fun and finance. She teaches and helps to implement two simple ways for companies to become more profitable. One through culture and one through accounting. Learn more about Lynn’s work at

Barbara Churchill is a leadership & life coach and speaker. She works with women in leadership roles. She helps emerging women leaders as well as those in senior level positions communicate more effectively, hone their leadership style and gain more confidence. Find out more about Barbara’s work at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: