build Influence

When someone says something positive about your expertise publicly two things happen. First, you get instant credibility. That word of mouth endorsement is automatically valued by those who hear or see it. Secondly, you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself and the person who made the comment.

When others receive these third party endorsements of you, you become known as someone they need to know more about. Getting these endorsements strategically is a great way to build your platform. Every publisher and JV partner and even potential clients will be drawn to you instantly the more endorsements they see you getting.

So how can you do this? First create remarkable content on your blog, or be a guest on others’ blogs, podcasts, and media sites. You can certainly share those links to your social media. But what’s better than you sharing them, is those other influencers sharing your articles etc. The chances of that happening just because you posted is limited. If you’d like to ensure your great content gets shared, you’ll want a tribe of influencers sharing your content. Social Buzz Club does exactly that. It’s a gamified content sharing platform. Where people share each others’ content.

Premier WSA members have a leg up. Visit the “Get Gifts” section inside your membership area and you’ll find a great Perk called Social Buzz Club.


Laura Rubinstein is a Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Master Leadership Coach, and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is also the host of our popular WSA-TV.