Unleash Influence

I’m sure every speaker or entrepreneur who uses speaking to grow their business has heard how valuable it is to create a strategic plan.

With the right plan, you’ll focus better.

Your support team will be more productive because they know what to do next.

And, your erratic cash flow is replaced with consistent, predictable income.

But somehow, between the non-stop busy-ness and flying from one city to the next to share your brilliance from stage, that plan never actually gets out of your head and on to paper.

Why is it that you never find time to put together your plan?

Well, first of all, for most creative people, the process of planning isn’t fun. Or at least you tell yourself that.

Secondly, many fast-paced business owners typically feel it’s a waste of time and energy when you could actually be getting stuff done!

And last, the process of creating a plan is not usually what a speaker does best. Speakers (and people who speak to build their business) are typically inspired by being on stage or creating new offerings! They get fired up when they talk can inspire action in another human being. Or create lasting change by spearheading a new initiative.

Let’s face it, most creative visionaries don’t like to slow down and think things through. There’s a certain amount of adrenaline and flexibility in flying by the seat of your pants.

But here’s the rub. Without a plan you often waste time on poor performing offerings and miss out on the right timing to keep cash flow rolling in.

Here’s why creating a Profit Boosting Plan can make things VERY different in your business:

…A good plan allows you to identify the connection between your vision and the steps to actually achieve it.

…With a proven planning process it will reveal actual timelines versus the super-hero, in your head, make-believe time tables most entrepreneurs kid themselves about.

…A strategic plan helps you utilize resources and cash flow more effectively.

…And, a Profit Boosting Plan is the missing link between where you are and the level of success you desire today.

There are four types of plans you must have to achieve a great level of consistent results:

1. A focus plan for achieving your annual goals.

2. A revenue plan showcasing the potential cash flow from achieving the goals.

3. A marketing plan that is the roadmap for generating the income and results

4. A visual roadmap of when you will sell or offer each of your programs throughout the year.

Make a commitment to take all those ideas in your mind and put them into an action plan. When you incorporate these simple plans into your day to day operations you’ll open up to a level of masterful business management that will quickly put you on the ‘who’s who of success’ in your industry!

If you’ve been stuck getting the level of results you don’t hold off anymore. Winging it is for amateurs and hobbyists – and you are a talented, powerful being ready to amplify you results.


Melanie Benson, is a Revenue Strategist and Business Optimizer who specializes in improving business performance for thought leaders, creative entrepreneurs and change-makers who want to increase income and impact. Melanie is part of the Women Speakers Association Executive Leadership Team and is host of the new Speaker Success Radio. Get a FREE copy of her Top 10 Rapid Cash Strategies now at http://www.RapidCashStrategies.com.