Branding and image are vital to your reputation as a speaker and business person

Once you’ve invested in your website address and developing your website, you have a specific domain name that people search for and you want a branded email address to match it. It gives your business another impression with your prime prospects and shows that you’re serious about your business.

A common mistake in branding and image is NOT setting up a branded email address and this can portray a less professional business image.

Why is branding important?Here’s why.  An unbranded email address markets your email provider. And, you want your email address to represent your business and brand.

Here’s what unbranded email addresses look like. The @ section of email features the brand of your provider.

Why does this matter?

You have the opportunity to create an email presence with your own URL.  For example: My URL or web address is Any email addresses created for my team and for me will include the URL. My support team can be contacted by emailing

This reinforces brand integrity and consistency and ensures that all email messages incoming and outgoing are branded.

Your brand is the promise you make to the world. It’s important to ensure that every touch you have with the public is branded and represents you and your company in the best possible light.

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