Complaints about equal pay for women and the glass ceiling still exist today.

There’s a reason that is so. To disappear the glass ceiling women need to implement one key practice. It’s not what you’re probably thinking, but it’s completely doable and can eliminate the glass ceiling once and for all.


On this August 24th WSA-TV episode our expert shared

The Surefire Way to Eliminate the Glass Ceiling

featuring: Paula Kramer

Advice from our WSA Expert

We asked our featured guest to share some of her valuable wisdom with us.

Paula says: “Speak what you want to hear, especially women talking about other women. The words we speak about other women go into men’s ears and come out of men’s mouths. Glass ceiling breaking words will come out of men’s mouths when 10% of women in a profession put respectful words about other women in that profession into men’s ears.”

eliminate the glass ceiling


Paula Kramer is a Relationship Transformation Speaker & Trainer. She teaches strategies for transforming relationships in ways that reap unexpected rewards. She provides an array of free online resources for developing success strategies as new situations arise. Find them at

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