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When you create a signature story,

your message and your reputation goes viral.

On this podcast Carla Rieger shares some tips on how to attract meeting planners via referral and secure more speaking opportunities, including:

  • How to structure a speech for maximum effectiveness (without long hours of hard work.)
  • How to create a signature story that goes viral (without boring people.)
  • How to weave an offer into a speech (without being salesy.)

[bctt tweet=”Your story is your resume as a business owner – it gives people vital information about you at many levels in short period of time to build the like, know and trust factor. – Carla Rieger on #SpeakerSuccessPodcast” username=”@WomenSpeakAssoc”]

Carla Rieger is a coach and trainer for speakers, especially in regards to helping them strategize and script so they can use speaking as a marketing tool. Her specialty is the signature story that helps their reputation go viral. She’s been a professional speaker on 4 continents for over 20 years, having addressed over 1500 groups. She has also written 3 books and authored over 80 online learning programs for speakers.

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