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Did you know: the professional speaking industry is easy to get into but is only successful for fewer than 10%?

On this podcast Marquesa Pettway shares her insight into why this is the case, and why it’s time to open your mind to a new way of thinking about the speaking business by embracing the Speakerpreneur lifestyle:

  • Knowing what a Speakerpreneur IS and why it makes all the difference in a successful biz that also changes lives.
  • Creating, nurturing and building a LifeStyle Biz, which serves your soul.
  • The true components of success for a long profitable career as a speaker.

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About Marquesa Pettway

Marquesa Pettway is a woman of many talents – and many voices. As a child growing up in Texas, she spoke up and spoke out. While attending the Booker T Washington school of performing arts – she found her voice as an actress and singer. In college she found another voice as a journalist, which took her all the way to New York City for post-graduate as an associate producer with CNN on the show – Managing with Lou Dobbs.

After a successful corporate stint, she emerged with a new voice, that of a professional speaker. She’s spoken all over the US, as well as internationally and loves serving her clients both in-person and virtually.

She’s the creator and founder of the National Center for Speaker Training where she’s helped hundreds of speakers to find their voice – get more gigs – and live a fuller life as Speakerprenuers.

As a speakerpreneur herself, she has earned her CSP designation (the highest designation for professional speakers, only 12% in the world hold this and Marquesa is the only person of color in NYC – featured in Toastmasters magazine, appeared on MSNBC, New York Newsday and relished her multi-faceted life helping others turn their passion into profits.

She’s here today to open your mind to a new way of thinking about the speaking business by embracing the Speakerpreneur lifestyle.

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