Would you like the roadmap to having more joy and abundance in your life?

If you’re in the thick of a challenge or feel like life is not fun, it’s time to get a new perspective and new strategies to move towards a more positive and energetic life. One of the things Women Speakers Associaiton has going for it is experts who can shortcut the trip to fulfillment. They are passionate about the work because they’ve done it themselves and are helping others create record breakthroughs in their life.

This WSA-TV Premier show is truly a gem. You’ll experience two excercises, one to attract abundance and another to align with joy. What more could you ask for, but a life of joy and abundance. It’s yours as you watch and participate.

On this August 23rd WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Women Speakers guide you to abundance and joy.

Featuring: Gabrielle Spencer & Laura Rudacille


Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Gabrielle says to “Tap into universal energy and your Higher Self to get answers on how, when, and what you should focus on next and the aligned action steps you need to take or draw to yourself so you are successful.”

Laura reminds us to “Start Connecting on Purpose with Purpose! Surround yourself with the women who uplift and enrich you. Invite possibility and be Expectant of JOY! Open yourself to experiences and rediscover forgotten or set aside passions.”

Activate Abundance WSA-TV


Gabrielle Spencer is a Business Abundance Activator who works with Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Healers, Speakers, Authors. She helps them to energetically unlock more potentials, opportunities, clients and money by aligning and activating service based entrepreneurs with their life and business abundance. Learn more at http://GabrielleSpencer.com

Laura Rudacille, Author and Speaker, is passionate about Connecting Women on Purpose with Purpose. My topic-focused presentations and retreats encourage women to reflect on themselves gently as they step fully into all they’re Becoming. When we cultivate ongoing conversations we grow a community for encouragement and positivity. Learn more at http://www.LauraRudacille.com

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com