I get asked a lot about one-sheets. Usually the question is “Aren’t they passé?” My reply is “You only need one if you want to work.”

I’m very serious about one-sheets, and you should be, too.

Creating your one-sheet is a great exercise in drilling down on your positioning and expertise. I consider them a primary marketing piece that can be used in a number of ways, including:

Mailer or emailer to prospects or clients

Follow-up email to prospects

Part of a handout

Information to have on your product table

Leave-behind on attendees’ seats as a reminder of what you do

Script to use when selling

Marketing piece that can make any agent sound like they know you

And many more!

Although one-sheets used to be onesided, I suggest more of a “two-sheet” that uses the front and back.

Over the years, I have been hired by speakers bureaus to work with their agents to sell you. They have told me that onesheets are an important tool for them. They use them as scripts when talking up specific speakers, just as I suggest you do. Most importantly, they expect you to have one! Have it available to email and in a PDF file on your website, so it can be downloaded.

Update it often!

Regardless of what you hear, one-sheets are here to stay!

One-Sheet Part 1 One-Sheet Part 2

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