Anne-Marie Dekker

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Why is storytelling important as a speaker?

Because “stories create community and create vulnerability and empathy” says Anne-Marie Dekker

On this podcast Anne-Marie Dekker shares:

  • Have a beginners mind, or as the Japanese call it shoshin – a ready mind, open to everything.
  • Be a good listener. To bring your attention and your full listening to someone is a powerful practice. In doing so, you’re acknowledging another person. It’s not easy to do this as we are distracted by our own thoughts.
  • Ask powerful questions. Questions that you or the person you’re asking really don’t know the answer to.

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About Anne-Marie Dekker:

A diverse background, from wanting to be a dancer, studied ballet and modern dance (I had one class with Martha Graham at UCLA) instead studied accounting and business computer programming. I’ve been part launching an independent television station, where I met my late husband, who was one of the founders. I worked with him on several film and television productions, one was one of the most watched mini-series – The Thorn Birds. I created and published a woman’s magazine, Scarlett which received a couple of awards. Today, I combine all my experiences as a Storycatcher and Narrative Coach.

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