Would you like to optimize the effect your passion has in the world?

Have you been frustrated because you don’t know how to compel people with your passion and propel your success?

Would you like to captivate your audience and dynamically grow your impact?

If you answered yes, the advice from Dr. Meribeth Dayme and Nikki Speer are invaluable. They give you the guidance to compel and propel your passion. There are a couple key steps that will make a big difference. They aren’t hard either, but they do require breaking some habits you may not be aware of. First, you must make sure you are not repelling people by how you’re trying to bring your passion out. Next, as you grow your confidence, you’ll inspire others.

On this September 6th WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Women Speakers guide you to compel & propel your passion.

Featuring: Dr. Meribeth Dayme & Nikki Speer

Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Dr. Meribeth says to “Tap into universal energy and your Higher Self to get answers on how, when, and what you should focus on next and the aligned action steps you need to take or draw to yourself so you are successful.”

Nikki reminds us to “Start Connecting on Purpose with Purpose! Surround yourself with the women who uplift and enrich you. Invite possibility and be Expectant of JOY! Open yourself to experiences and rediscover forgotten or set aside passions.”



Dr. Meribeth Dayme is a world renowned Speaker, Author, and Voice Coach. She works with women speakers, podcasters, and trainers on vocal expression, presence, and congruence of voice, body and message. The result has been speakers with a complete, compelling, authentic presentations. Learn more about her work and programs at http://www.meribethdayme.com

Nikki Speer is the Founder of Redefined Courage. She developed a post-op shirt (hope) and a chemotherapy shawl (grace) for breast cancer beauties. She is passionate about giving the gift of a shirt or shawl to encourage woman during a scary, dark time in their lives. Learn more about this clothing designed for the breast cancer post surgery time at https://www.redefinedcourage.com

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com