Taking care of your health is a mental, physical, emotional
and spiritual job.

If you don’t have your health, your life, and business stop. Furthermore, your impact is thwarted and you can’t do what you’re meant to do. As a thought leader your message matters. That means taking care of you matters even more if you are committed to making the biggest difference.

For physical health, self-care and conscious choices will help you immensely. For mental and emotional health, self-awareness makes a huge difference. For spiritual health, tapping into your heart will bring more peace.

On this September 27th WSA-TV Premier Show episode our experts guide you with simple yet profound strategies to achieving your highest health on all levels.


Featuring: Michelle J. Howe, Paula Shaw & Lauren Parsons


Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Michelle reminds us that “True happiness requires DEPTH and HONESTY – answering the question of “HOW AM I FEELING?” This one-question helps you become the curious observer who seeks to live their best life – by stabilizing moods; balancing emotions; being consciously aware; and exuding great love and compassion. A big key is strengthening and expanding your HEART chakra. ”

Paula says “We all dread situations in which we have to have difficult conversations. Whether we are helping, healing or telling a hard to hear truth these 5 steps will help the conversation to be productive and therapeutic.
1. Set the Right Intention ahead of the conversation.
2. Be Present (have the mind and the body in the same place).
3. Have the Mindset of Comforting, Supporting and Helping w/o Judgement.
4. Listen with the intent to hear, not respond.
5. Respond lovingly and respectfully from the Heart not the Head”

Lauren share her Key tips:
*Snack on exercise – fit movement into your day in short bursts, even just 1 minute at a time to instantly boost your mood, energy, focus, creativity and improve your health overall. (this is the concept I share in my TEDx talk 14 Sept 2018)
*Enjoy Real Food with Less Fuss – Focus first on getting more ‘good stuff’ in rather than having a diet and derivation mentality. the ‘less fuss’ part is about streamlining your food prep so that you only cook twice a week and have every other night off and about discovering how to throw together salads in a jiffy with my ‘sensational salad blueprint.’
*Focus On What You Want – This is the most important mindset shift you can make to take control of your thoughts and inner dialogue and switch it around to be supportive and a powerful driver towards your success. Unfortunately, most people do the complete opposite and I empower clients with specific brain strategies to change this.
*Supercharge Your Productivity- Set a recurring timer for 25 minutes to ensure you complete focused work (with a false sense of urgency) then take a break and move your body in a way you love – I find dancing is great – then refocus for the next block. After 3 repeats take a break and allow your brain to relax and recharge. This allows you to work in sync with your body’s natural ultradian rhythym and will transform your energy level, focus and productivity.”

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Michelle J. Howe is a Teacher, Healer and Guide who uses a variety of tools to awaken and teach seekers how to gain new levels of depth, awareness and happy living. She guides people on how to become their best Self. Learn more about Michelle and her work at https://www.empathevolution.com/

Paula Shaw is a Life Transitions Therapist, Media Host, Author, Speaker who works with men and women going through change and upheaval. She enables clients to transition from pain to peace while going through the upheaval of change and challenge. Using cutting-edge, Mind/Body tools we can achieve rapid results and lasting change. Learn more about Paula and her work at http://www.PaulaShaw.com

Lauren Parsons is a Wellbeing Specialist, Author & Speaker who works with clever, motivated, busy women & professional organizations with desk-based staff. She equips and inspires her clients to boost their health and happiness for life. She makes it simple for busy people to rediscover feeling youthful, healthy and energized and much more productive. Learn more about Lauren and her work at https://www.LaurenParsonsWellbeing.com

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com