On October’s WSA #SpeakerChat Premier Member Dr. Sonja Stribling joined us to share her insight on How to Give Your Story a Voice and a Bank Account.

During this chat with Dr. Sonja Stribling we learned:

  • Learn the Importance of Sharing Your Story.

  • How to use 1 message on 3 platforms.

  • View your life experiences and knowledge as a pathway to helping the masses and building a profitable business.

Please watch the video and share your biggest takeaway.

About Dr. Sonja Stribling

As well as being a mother of 3 boys, Dr. Sonja is a retired Army Major and Talk Show Host on Bravo Network, who now uses this training and experience to lead thousands to their victory in dominating in their space as a Speaker, Author, Coach or Consultant. As the Founder of Next Level Living 7.0 the home of her Born to Be Powerful Academy for Women who are driven by purpose and entrepreneurs who are serious and committed to being more impactful, influential and are on a mission to leaving a legacy.

Dr. Sonja is on a mission to help 1000 women to their Next Level business as a thought leader, influencers as a Coach, Author and Speaker by revealing the inner game of building a million-dollar business. She shares the secrets to how she built a million-dollar coaching business in 12 months, generated $250K in 1 day and the strategy she uses to generate Six- figures monthly and serve clients globally.

Connect with Dr. Sonja 

Website: http://drsonja.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drsonja7/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Drsonja7

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