Discover how to reduce stress, tap into intuition and embrace the mystery of death.

When you harness the source of your motivation, open to your inner guidance and opportunity of the dying process so much more becomes possible. In fact, when you think of making the most of life, you may wonder how do you get from where you are to more freedom, joy and fulfillment. Knowing the positive side of stress can help you avoid burnout. Understanding and tapping into the answers inside, yields more confidence and better decision making to ensure you get what you authentically desire. As you learn to ask the right questions in the right order, your intuition can be heard. Now what about that ever looming fact that death will come knocking? You may think it’s irrelevant because you can’t do anything about it. Plus, most personal growth work completely ignore addressing the dying process and how to embrace the inevitability. Thus, it’s the elephant in the room that has so many gifts when acknowledged. In fact, facing it becomes the icing on the cake that can multiply the fullness of life.

On this December 6th WSA-TV Premier Show episode our experts offer up practical approaches and rich discussions for moving your life forward from stress to stepping through fear and getting into flow.


Featuring: Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP, Lisa LaJoie, & Barbara Morningstar

Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Kristina says to “Increase motivation and change your beliefs through using SWAP: S- self-compassion, W – worthiness, A – ask for and accept help; P – positive self-talk. These are fundamental practices that, combined with basic knowledge of neuroplasticity, allow us to increase our motivation, happiness and sense of well-being.”

Barbara asks us to “Become informed! Facing death and the dying process is a fearful subject for most people. It helps if people educate themselves before they are immersed in such a life experience and the emotions are running high.Though challenging I help people to see that it can be a beautiful time of sharing, a sacred time if it is approached in an open heart and with proper support.”

Lisa reminds us that “Intuition is a very meaningful navigational tool everyone has. Most important part is to understand that the divisions in the questions- the intuitive intelligence for business itself. There is a navigational process with clear questions that need to be asked in sequence. Learning the sequence of questions. Be willing to see the true possibilities. Intuition is a discovery process. See what might go wrong and investigate to see how it could go right. Be a team player on your team who can sift through things quickly. When someone is going to launch a product, system failures are going to happen that they didn’t anticipate (could be missing pieces). Using intuition about launch date, your intuition will tell you that you’re missing things. If something is going on personally, that may impact the launch. Your intuition will give you the whole picture.”

How To Make The Most Of Life


Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP is a Psychologist and Executive Coach who works with driven professional women. She specializes in harnessing the postive power of stress, self-compassion and radical self-care. She helps driven professionals banish burnout and develop skills to make stress work to their advantage to increase focus, productivity and well-being. Learn more about her work at

Barbara Morningstar is an End of Life Educator, Speaker, and author of the book, “Honoring the Mystery; Uplifting Insights from the Language, Visions, and Dreams of the Dying.” She supports people who are dying or facing their own death. She helps individuals become more comfortable with the theme of death and dying. This includes health professionals and people in the general public. She has passion for opening the awareness and dialogue around the “mystery” of death and the importance of acknowledging the spiritual experiences of the dying and bereaved. She helps caregivers to the dying, those grieving the death of a loved one or individuals facing their own mortality overcome their fear of the subject and give practical information for them to understand the dying process. Learn more about Barbara at

Lisa LaJoie is a Business Intuitive, Mentor, Radio Show Host.She serves as an intuitive for business owners who want to grow their business and offers guidance for CEOs who tap into the intuitive intelligence. As a mystic mentor she teaches people how to transcend themselves. She creates spiritual businesses and shows people how to tap in to the laws of attraction. She helps people avoid problems and accelerate chances of reaching success because of the guidance she connects to in both life and business. Learn more about Lisa at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: