On November’s WSA #SpeakerChat Premier Member Leslie Juvin-Acker joined us to share her insight on how to Change Your Relationship with Money

During this chat with Leslie Juvin-Acker we learned:

  • Our financial relationships start with how we think and feel;

  • Our subconscious beliefs create our financial experience;

  • We can reprogram them in 7 simple steps.

Please watch the video and share your biggest takeaway.

About Leslie Juvin-Acker

Leslie Juvin-Acker is President and Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc., a management consulting firm that teaches emotional intelligence skills to drive productivity and organizational harmony.

Leslie grew up as part of the working poor in a Habitat For Humanity home. Her mother is a former child prostitute. She is a survivor of domestic violence and postpartum depression and anxiety. Leslie is a gifted intuitive.

Since 2008, Leslie has helped over 30,000 professionals advance their careers and increase their net worth as a career and executive coach.

Connect with Leslie 

Twitter handle: @LeslieJuvin
Instagram: @leslieinc
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/ljacker
Facebook Page @officialleslieinc
Website: www.leslieinc.org

Access a FREE Masterclass: https://tmfacademy.leslieinc.org/start

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