Each new year brings about the opportunity to take a new look at life.

As the years go on, we may unknowingly slip into a complacent place and feel a bit ho-hum about it. This feeling of the doldrums is common among those who have strayed from a sense of purpose, passion or direction in life. Whether you’re 25, 55 or 85, life can be dynamic if you WANT it to be. It truly is your choice if you awaken to the possibilities and the obstacles that you’ve allowed to creep in.

As always, Women Speakers Association experts illuminate the options you have, inspire you to explore a path that offers you more vibrancy and experience more vitality in your life. We want to see you thrive and be living your most meaningful life.

On this January 10th WSA-TV Premier Show episode our experts offer up practical approaches and rich discussions for moving your life forward from stress to stepping through fear and getting into flow.


Featuring: Penelope Tzougros & Desiree Aragon

Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Penelope says that “If you love your home and don’t ever want to move, add up what it really costs in dollars, mind share and energy. Then adapt the house so that you can stay their safely throughout your retirement. Don’t wait for frailty, an accident or illness to make your decision.”

Desiree asks us to “Listen to your own self – what is coming up in all your interactions? We give ourselves clues every day.”

live vibrantly

Penelope Tzougros is an Author, Financial Planner, Speaker who works with retirees with homes and a desire for vibrant years ahead. She provides a framework of facts and inspiration so that retirees can make wise choices about their money and their homes. Learn more about Penelope and her work at https://www.wealthychoices.com

Desiree Aragon is a Modern Day Muse. She works with successful women tapping into their greatness with a remarkably positive point of view. She invites her clients to live more vibrantly and express their unique value. Learn more about Desiree and her work at http://www.desireearagon.com/

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com