Some risks are worth taking and some aren’t.

When you think of yourself, do you think you are a risk taker? You might be a risk taker even if you have a low risk tolerance. For example, doing things for others and not taking care of ourselves is risking our health and happiness. If you contemplate it, that’s a huge risk we take. Start to think about what you are risking by not taking a risk you’re afraid to take.

When we want a different outcome in our lives we may need to consider taking an emotional, physical and/or financial risk. And of course, we all know people who have taken unnecessary risks and lost big. Our fear can keep us stuck or it can keep us alive. Risk taking is essential in life.

Consider this… What kinds of risks have you taken and as a result thrived? Now consider the risks in front of you, if you’re not a risk taker but you have a goal, what are your risking by not taking action? Is there an action you can take that can take you closer to your mission?

On this March 7thWSA-TV Premier Show episode our guest experts talk about taking wise risks

Featuring: Anne O. Rice & Melissa Twigg


Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Anne¬†says “Sleep, Sleep and more sleep. Really there are many simple things to reduce our risks but we all must take sleep seriously. It isn’t a magic bullet but poor sleep can be an initiator and accelerator for Alzheimer’s disease. Prioritizing sleep and taking steps for a better quality is imperative. We have an innate immune system to remove toxins from our brain but we myst have deep sleep to be about to actually wash those away. It is called a glymphatic system. A dark, cool bedroom, no electronics close to bedtime, no carb snacks before bed, watch how close to bed you exercise, exercise is so important but not too close to bed. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine close to bedtime. Even check what medications you are taking at night some can cause you to not be able to get to sleep or wake. And if you suspect you have sleep apnea, have a sleep test and work to get treatment. ”

Melissa ask us to “You know, there comes a time in a person’s life when you realize that there are MANY more days behind you than there are ahead of you. You realize that you are NEVER going to starve, and you take risks because you no longer fear the fall or the potential embarrassment. Hey, my theory on embarrassment is this: it is either quick to fade…or it makes for one HELL of a story at cocktail hour or in the retirement home! If you want to see a SIGNIFICANT change or difference in our world, you have to stop waiting for a person/leader to appear, fall out of the sky, or to be sent….Because it may just be YOU who was sent. I am ABSOLUTELY certain that this is my mission, and I am JUST as certain that I will attract every single thing, and every single person or partner I will need to make a difference! Let’s face it…there is NOTHING more powerful than a herd of women, and I’m here to find, “like minded” women who are ready team up with me, run this race…and make a difference in the lives of our youth!”

risks worth taking

Anne O. Rice is a speaker, Prevention Specialist, Clinical Hygenist. She educates adults about prevention strategies for dementia/Alzheimer’s. Anne is passionate about helping the dental community understand their unique role in impacting dementia/Alzheimer’s disease and supplying information to the general public about key prevention techniques that can help mitigate their risk factors. Learn more about Anne and her prevention work

Melissa Twigg is an inspirational speaker, salon owner, and former platform artist. She showcases her health, beauty industry wisdom, and inspiration on her Facebook channel Her mission is to grow her influence and impact young people from all walks of life with a library of videos that will help them with everything from etiquette & vocabulary challenges, to “rags to riches” stories, inspirational talks, career opportunities that do not necessarily require a college education, to the importance of gratitude and “giving back” no matter how small the token. Follow Melissa

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