If you have a family, a community, a business, or a career, then you’re a leader. Are you resisting or embracing that idea? Think about it what organizational leaders do. They are responsible for setting and achieving results. They motivate, manage, and build teams. They look to improve themselves and their organizations. Can you relate to doing any of that within your home, community, or work? Women leaders are rising mostly because they are now owning that role internally. It’s likely you have a desire. A desire for a healthy happy family, a desire for your work to be fulfilling and make a difference, and/or a business and team to thrive. That desire is the foundation of your leadership identity.

Fulfilling your role as a leader is not going to be perfect. We get it. And good news, being perfect is overrated. If you were perfect you wouldn’t have the wisdom you have acquired through your imperfect life. So take a deep breath, take the pressure off, and honor your desire, your vision and your ability to create, nurture, direct, or whatever quality you say is your leader essence.

On this March 28th WSA-TV Premier Show episode our guest experts share great advice on how to claim your identity as a woman leader and make the impact you want (even if that is in your own life).

Featuring: Patricia Missakian, Kareen Aristide, Terry Sidford,
Gloria Manchester & Natasha Clawson


Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Patricia says “Consistency, and align your intention when you show up. Look at your identity : Who are you be-ing? People do not manifest what they do not have – they manifest who they are. The secret is to align with the identity that will lift you up.”

Kareen shares “”3 Success Tips:
1) Have a vision and mission that the whole family can embrace, celebrate and participate in – schedule a time to draft it as a family and keep it visible.
2) Choose to live authentically – assess your current business and focus on what energizes you and delegate what depletes you as much as possible.
3) Define what success means to you – make sure your business allows you to have the lifestyle that supports your family vision and mission.”

Terry reminds us that “Your past does not have to define you. Find your courage from your stories. Find what you are passionate about. Recognize limiting belief that are not true. Your thoughts are king.”

Gloria suggests “The greatest impact we can make in the world is to produce an idea, product or service based on the contribution we make to others. All my coaching to help entrepreneurs start or grow a business has a contribution component. I have them ask themselves, “what pain does my service or product address and help solve”. Our focus on the platform is all around developing a prosperity mindset. I have an assessment I created to address that. We become prosperity-builders. ”

Natasha ask us to “Design is a collaborative process. Great and beautiful designs can be created without much input from the client, but to create really authentic designs that truly represent the essence of your brand and voice, you need to be involved in the process. No one knows your business and brand better than you. This will always results in the highest level of work, and you’ll probably make some great relationships along the way.”

Patricia Missakian is a Leadership Mentor. She helps women entrepreneurs who are struggling to reach the next level of income in their business to make more money and keep more of the money they make by raising your wealth frequency. Learn more about Patricia and her work at

Kareen Aristide is a Speaker, Traininer, Consultant and Coach. She helps parentpreneurs build a thriving business while successfully raising kids so they can do what they love or love what they do AND provide for themselves and their family! Learn more about Kareen and her work at

Terry Sidford is a Speaker, Author & Coach. Her focus is to help people find their courage, passions, purpose and what the are capable of achieving. Learn more about Terry and her work at

Gloria Manchester is a Life and Prosperity Business Coach. She works with Small business, Entrepreneurs & Coaches. She is passionate about developing a thriving culture of entrepreneurs and coaches that are inspired and motivated to build a prosperous business and lifestyle and make a contribution to others. Learn more at

Natasha Clawson is a Graphic Designer. She works with women 30-55 who are ready to elevate their branding and message. She provides powerful branding and graphics that authentically represent their business and creates greater confidence in their business pushing them to even higher levels of reach and influence. Learn more at
Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: