Get Real With Your Message and Monetize It with the support of an entire organization that has your back.

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Instead of trying to figure out how to be what an event planner wants you to be, try getting real with your message. You’ll likely find the revenue flowing instead of feeling like you’re swimming upstream. Newbie speakers often want to mold themselves into the hot topcis. We reccomend instead going deep into what impact you want to make, what message do you want to share instead. And then start listening to others. As you do you may find an intersection of where your message and their deep desires meet. That is where you talk to.

On this May 23rd WSA-TV Premier Show episode Gail Watson, Founder and President shares her thoughts.

When someone is too rehearsed, gets off track, it feels inauthentice. However, when someone is sharing from the inside and passionate, you’re drawn in as they get vulnerable and you relate to that.

Instead of trying to win people over, approach your talk as a way to align with where your audience is at. That’s the only way they will hear and benefit from your message. To truly figure out how to present a topic, listen to where people are at, what they want, and speak to that not to what you want to tell them. This is how you be brave, brilliant and bold.

Women’s voices matter too much to cave into our fear about how people will judge you. If you need some behind the scenes support, a crowd to cheer you on, and the resources to become a more compelling highly sought-after speaker, then Women Speakers Association is your home.

Gail Watson is the Founder of Women Speakers Association.

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