Your speaker success starts with a strong foundation.

You have your message, your branding is designed, you’ve practiced your talk(s), you’ve got the skills, you engage your audiences, and you get great feedback. To up your game, now it’s about getting on more stages. You may need a few more things in place to get the traction you want.

Success Coach Melanie Benson recommends getting clear on your market. If you don’t know who is already seeking out your message, then you won’t know where to focus your efforts to attract the right event planners.

Once you’re clear on your market, SEO expert, Tracey Ehman recommends identifying the keywords that event planners are already searching for and using them online everywhere from your website to your social network profiles. Plus, you definitely want to make sure your Premier Member Speaker Profile has these keywords in them.

Deb Coman, marketing messaging expert reminds us, if you are great at captivating an audience from stage, then why not repurpose your message online. Share your content on the web that showcases some valuable nuggets to event planners and those who hire speakers for their organizations.

Once you’ve created that online content, then you want to amplify it according to content marketing strategist, Laura Rubinstein. She recommends finding an influencer network like her Social Buzz Club which WSA Premier members get a handsome deal on using.

Speaker Success Strategies

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