Guide To Design, Produce and Launch Profitable Online Course and Group Programs

Getting lots of speaking engagements is a great goal, but it may be short sighted. When a speaker becomes really good at landing speaking gigs, she may find herself on the road a lot. The good news is, this may be your dream and can be really fun and feel like you’ve arrived. After a while, being on the road may take its toll and burnout.

No matter how powerful and inspiring your message is on stage the lasting effect may fizzle with audience members rapidly after in as little as 48 hours. Let’s rethink this a bit. Think long term. Think greater impact even if you are not as booked to speak as often as you dreamed of. You can still have a great impact if you offer a way to support people in the transformation you are passionate about. Imagine having a highly actionable online program that helps the right people create the results you are passionate helping them to create. You must be strategic, have the right technology and utilize learning optimization tactics.

On this July 11th WSA-TV Premier Show episode our guest expert shares tips on how to leverage your speaking with group programs & online courses.

Featuring: Jane Deuber

Jane Deuber is a content mastery maven. In this episode she covers:

• Why speakers should consider an online course/program?
• Why an online course needs to be a part of your plan for financial success.
• 5 steps for producing and launching a profitable, online program clients crave.
• Tips for deciding on our beginning, intermediate and advance course content
• How to create content that inspires meaningful, lasting change for clients
• A proven three-phase course launch process for creating 6 figures in 6 months
• How to design an offer that results in immediate revenues and raving fan clients

Jane Deuber

Jane Deuber is a speaker, author, and sought after business strategist to big thinking entrepreneurs around the world. Armed with a Master’s in International Business Administration, Jane started her first business in 1987 with just $5000. Since then she has taken two businesses to the multi-million dollar mark and helped thousands of entrepreneurs achieve their dream of higher profits and greater personal fulfillment. While serving as President of an association for women entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries, she was the lead writer for the best-selling books, Build It Big that have been translated into six languages. Jane is breaking new ground by helping thought leaders transforming their life-changing content into highly profitable, interactive online courses. Whether starting a new business, coaching a client or speaking on the international stage, Jane is on a mission to transform the entrepreneurial experience into one that is deeply rewarding, highly profitable and truly life-changing.

Get her Resource Guide on designing a profitable online program here.

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: