Discover how to get out of the box and blossom

Sometimes when we find ourselves unable to move forward and don’t know why, our brains automatically jump to thinking, “Something’s wrong with me if I can’t figure this out.” It may seem like the logical conclusion, but it’s flat out a lie. Feeling like you’re in a box is fine. Feeling like there’s something inherently wrong with you because of that is counterproductive. Instead try thinking that you’re in a box. And all the resources you have at hand are your best thinking. If your best thinking got you here, then something else is going to get you out of the box. In other words, you need support from outside the box. And that’s good. Because it means you’ll be growing through the collaborative energy so it will be easier for you. If you allow it to be. If there’s anything we know about feeling like you’re fully expressing yourself, you can’t do it alone, it is best to do it in a safe supportive environment, and there is always hope for blossoming into who you are authentically.

On this Oct 17th WSA-TV Premier Show episode our guest experts share guiding light and offers insight and some great clues and supportive messages to blossom.

Featuring: Kristin Martinez, Karen Marie Dion, Linda P. Thompson, Maria Conde & Carma Spence

Advice from our WSA Experts

We asked our featured guests to share some of their valuable wisdom with us.

Kristin shares “”Even with the strongest assurance of knowing we are valued and loved there are still times when we don’t feel good enough, as our inner voice whispers so loudly while we are looking into the mirror that we’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or worthy enough. Because self-image is a foundational issue, it is crucial to gain control over the negative self-talk. Focusing on your core beliefs and values will help bring self–awareness, and acceptance of who you are. When you accept yourself just as you are, and from a more positive perspective, it will be easier to present yourself to others in an authentic way. Practice these key elements; live according to your core beliefs and values and live authentically. Offer the world the best version of yourself and you will live a life that is fulfilled at the deepest levels. “”

Karen Marie reminds us “Sometimes we feel boxed in because of the way we were raised, or because of past trauma, and other times it’s a simple matter of forgetting the value of life and all the potential within us. Some people need a challenge to rise to, and others just get bored and forget there are options. Whatever the reason we might feel boxed in, we have the power to break out and blossom. First, be honest with yourself about why you feel boxed in. What steps can you take to change your circumstances? Do you need personal coaching or counselling? Additional support, or just a friend to hold you accountable? Second, remind yourself that you were created for more than a mundane existence and have the ability to change. Change is not something to fear, but rather to embrace. It brings a wealth of new opportunities and joys if you look at it with the right perspective. Third, nurture your dreams and build foundations under them. Set small goals that you can accomplish realistically as you make your way toward blooming season! Fourth, be sure that you look for the beauty around you on the way—the loving relationships, the joys of family and healthy friendships, and count your blessings. Gratitude sharpens attitude and acts like a magnet to attract more of the good things you appreciate into your life.
Linda reminds us that “Don’t quit , reinvent yourself. Take care of you!”

Maria encourages “take small steps to begin and build on those successes. When we take big leaps we often fail and then do not get back up. If you build on small successes you are more likely to go the long haul with your goal.”

Carma suggests “Start taking baby steps toward your goal RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait. There will never a perfect time and if you keep waiting for it, you’ll never get it done. If your goal seems overwhelming, break it down it more manageable mini-tasks and start doing them TODAY. Yes, TODAY.”

out of your box

Kristin Martinez is an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and Author. She helps women who are struggling with their self-esteem/value. She offers workshops and one-on-one coaching to women who are in a cycle of compromising their values and beliefs, trying to live into unrealistic expectations about themselves from a result of low self-esteem or other misconceptions. Learn more about Kristin and her work at

Karen Marie Dion is an Author, Speaker, and Coach. She has spent about 15 years encouraging better communication, life skills, and authentic spiritual growth in civic and faith /inspiration seeking groups, businesses, and individuals. Learn more about Karen and her work at

Linda P. Thompson is a Publisher Author, Speaker, Health and Life Coach. She works with Moms, singles, individuals to reinvent themselves. She empowers individuals to become the best person they can be and get up a plan to succeed. Learn more about Linda and her work at

Maria Conde is a Life & Leadership Coach. She helps purpose driven women get out of overwhelm, get clarity and live on purpose to create an extraordinary life. Learn more about Maria and her work at

Carma Spence is an Author, Speaker and Legacy Creation Mentor. She works with clients unleash their content creation superpowers and communicate their message with confidence so that they can create a fulfilling and meaningful legacy. Learn more about Carma and her work at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: