Congratulations to our Premier Member Karen Marie Dion on your Bestselling book.

Today we are featuring author, Karen Marie Dion author of “Into the Wilderness: One Woman’s Extraordinary Journey through Corruption, Lies and Betrayal”

The truth is stranger than fiction. Her life felt like a bad dream. This book is an account of some almost unbelievable events that happened in Karen Marie Dion’s life. It is a good thing she had already acquired the skills of setting boundaries, asserting herself, having composure and sticking to her core values.

Corruption is swift and justice takes time.
This book is about how one women chose not to look away from an uncomfortable situation. Most people wouldn’t choose this. However, Karen Dion Marie knew in her heart she couldn’t give up on others who were being victimized. In fact, if she did she would have been a contributor to more pain. She reveals how she set the pace for change and improvement.

You are not your problems when you have hope and help.
You do need to have safe spaces with safe people to be vulnerable with. You can have happiness, live from your heart without bitterness even when you have tragedy things happen.

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