Make Your Bold Start 2020 with Melanie Benson

Want to jump into 2020 powerfully… then set bold goals! Profit Amplifier and Women Speakers Association’s Executive Team Member, Melanie Benson, guides entrepreneurs to create the growth they envision, overcome obstacles, and thrive. We are lucky to have her as our guide on January 15, 2020 for the Speaker Success Training available of

A new year opens up new possibilities. With the beginning of a new year there’s more excitement for a new era in your life. That makes this the PERFECT time to set bold goals. Melanie Benson is an expert in guiding entrepreneurs to set and achieve these bold goals. In fact, there’s a little know secret she shares, “When you set a bold goal that activates a resourcefulness inside of us that we didn’t know we have which causes us to have a level of impact we dream about but don’t believe that we can really do.”

Women Speakers Association offers members access to mentors, tools and community that activates the rising tide effect. When two or more are gathered in the activation of a goal, everyone rises together.

Unfortunately when we make friends with our limitations, they become our reality. Then we think that is as much was we can create. We can achieve extraordinary things when we let go of needing to know how and setting goals around the “how?”

Goal SETTING TRAP: Don’t let the how define how you establish the goal.

All new results start with a new belief

Your bold goals are the catalyst to achieve things we’ve been talking ourselves out of.

In Melanie’s Speaker Success Training she will show you how to: Unravel the grip limiting beliefs have Create a revenue rush. Find the missing ingredients to an offer that creates consistent cash flow eliminate revenue roller coasters with an effective planning process Her mission is to help you exceed your revenue goals. Ever wonder why some people have cash rolling in? They’ve mastered what Melanie refers to as the “Influence Trifecta.”

You cannot afford to be invisible anymore! SST2020

There are people who need you and your wisdom is the key they need shift.

However, If they can’t see you and they can’t hear you, then they can’t hire you.

With Melanie’s training you will
1- Expand the way you serve.
2- Master the art of communicating what you do
3- Get so clear that you’ll shine your light so bright that you magnetize clients to you

Furthermore, you’ll learn the 4 keys to setting and achieving a Bold Influence Goal:
1- Understand who you are and how you will leverage your unique profit amplifier(the thing you do in your unique way using your superpower). Build a powerful offering that capitalizes on your profit amplifier and solves a costly problem your most ideal clients cannot afford to keep.
2- Establish a revenue roadmap that keeps the cash flowing
3- Reverse engineer the marketing efforts to match the revenue roadmap
4- Ensure you have the components to market, sell and deliver your products and services. In other words, Melanie will review how to design a Business Model that works.

NEW BONUS: WSA Premier Members are invited to the brand new Results Roundtable with Melanie to take action dive deeper. We are activating the rising tide method and helping you to integrate and implement the training and not let it sit there.

Let’s do this ladies!
+ Set Bold in our goals.
+ Become more influential in our message
+ Inspire to the communities we serve at a higher level
+ Be prosperous because you’ve stepped up your game and allowed the financial gain to come in.

Working with Melanie in the Speaker Success Training and follow-up Results Roundtable she promises to revolutionzie how you set goals.Such that the goals you set are so magnetic that they recalibrate the way you approach decision making, focus, growth strategies and your resourcefulness so you achieve your goals

Join us Jan 15 (or via replay)

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Melanie Benson, Profit Amplifier, is host of Amplify Your Success Podcast, is author of Rewired for Wealth, co-author of’s Start Up Guide to Starting an Information Marketing Business, and has been featured in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Woman’s Day, and Parenting. Melanie serves on the Women Speaker’s Association Executive Team and is a member of the Association of Transformational Leaders. More at