How Your Book Can Get You Booked.

There are many ways to generate revenue around your book. Your book can give you tons of credibility if you use it well. In fact, your book can be the catalyst to more income streams when you get savvy and this show featuring Charmaine Hammond reveals how.

Charmaine Hammond is a 5 time best selling author and master sponsorship consultant and has built many businesses around her books. WANT to know her strategies?

All WSA Premier Members ( receive her training FREE! Replay is available to members and Feb 19 is the Premier Member Results Roundtable (https://www.womenspeakersassociation….) for Premier Members to learn how to How To Leverage Your Book To Get Your Message Spread Wider For example, one of the most brilliant tips Charmaine shares is how to include your as part of your speaking fee. Often times, you can get paid more than the by adding that into your speaking contract. Also, have you leveraged the “spin off” products that your book can be used to develop like workbook, workshop, audio, video of your book, online courses.

Stats Prove that just having a book is not going to make much of an impact or revenue.

  • Most published books do not turn a profit.
  • Average self-published author sells 250 books.
  • Traditionally published authors sell no more than 2000 books.
  • 62 out of 1,000 titles sell over 5,000 copies.

These stats prove that most authors are not “making it.” But YOU can!

At WSA we are dedicated to the art and craft of our women leaders getting their message out widely and having the impact. A book can make a difference when you use it well and strategically. That’s why we have the training and publishing packages for our Premier Members that get authors their keynotes, visibility and multiple streams of revenue they seek so they can make the difference to which they have dedicated their heart and soul.

More About Charmaine Hammond Charmaine Hammond is an expert in collaboration and sponsorship, is a 5 time international best selling author, and helps authors make their book a business, sell their books in bulk, and create a circle of collaboration partners that help launch your book and fund your book events.

Our WSA-TV Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Social Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: