40 Women Speakers Association Premier Members share valuable tips, tool or resource for success in business, speaking, emotional and financial well being during this time of quarantine and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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We put the word out to the Women Speakers Association Premier Members to give us their most useful tips, tools, resources, and free assets that can help speakers and experts to thrive during pandemic times. This community is rich with resources but we were excited about how much expertise we were able to gather up for you!

WSA founder, Gail Watson, “Community is what makes us thrive. Surround yourself with positive people and you can thrive.”

As you will see in this show, our community members are thriving and here at the ready proving the wisdom that makes a difference. Every woman has a valuable message and we are proud to bring them to you.

Here are a few… but there is so much more in the show itself.

Business Advice

Is it OK to be selling and growing our business? “Isolate physically, but keep yourself out there visibly,” Melanie Benson

“Now is the time to stay online and be a beacon to people. Share your resources. Reach out and let your people know you’re here,” Deb Coman

Create a schedule and routine. Be present as you would outside the home. “Fear stops us from being creative.” Give loads of value to your clients. Korrine LePage

Well Being

Tracey Ehman reminded us of the importance of surrounding ourselves with women who are supportive.

To stay positive, Linda Thompson recommended keeping a gratitude journal daily.

“Do art!” Jill Perla says painting is a great way to relax.

Kamini Wood invited us to “Make it a priority to bring joy and happiness into your life. Use silliness and laughter to raise your vibration.”

Elizabeth Sanchez brought us awareness of others. She said, “Connect with your heart and other’s heart. Everyone is going through this differently. Attend to them with love and compassion.”

Inez Bracey, Mindset Strategist expanded us to “Be mindful in your thoughts, as well as in our actions and words.”

“Go back to basics, simple foods, be present to the grief,” was Dr. Sirena Pellarolo’s quick tip.

Speaker Success

Now is a great time to capitalize on virtual speaking and we had a ton of great advice. Below are a couple of tips. Be sure to WATCH the rest of the show as there was so much more.

“A setback can be a set up for a come back” according Dr. Sunny Fridge who invited us to “Rise and shine online and take your virtual stage and connect with the audience you are destined to serve.”

To be more confident embrace your fear. Pamela Jay offered the perspective, “Your greatest feminine strength is your heart voice. The next time you record a video or speak virtually or on stage come present into your womb space and anchor there. Come from a magnetic presence instead of a magnetic personality.”

Teena Evert gives us the sage advice to get into the driver’s seat of your life by asking yourself 3 key questions. Be sure to write those questions down when you watch, take the time to contemplate them, and get driving!

Financial Advice

Brenda Crompton asked us to look at our finances and get help getting out from under any and all credit card debt.

Christine encouraged us to visit the IRS Coronavirus FAQ page as an invaluable resource.

And MORE… You’ll receive gifts like a SWOT analysis and practice a breathing technique that will calm you in less than a minute. If you’re ready to be be a part of making the world a better place for yourself and other, watch, absorb and get your mojo going with this community.

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