We’re all going through something right now. Now is the moment to rise up to the challenges we face! And sometimes rising up means taking a step back into self care and business care.

Staying grounded and taking care of yourself and your business sounds simple, but not always easy. The steps you take today can be pivotal in your success tomorrow. Make positive choices that will get you through. Sometimes those aren’t easy, but with a little encouragement, we know you can thrive.

On this August 20, 2020 WSA-TV Premier Show episode we feature powerful women leaders who discuss the ways to move forward whether you are dealing with your relationship, kids or your business.

Featuring: Marisol Acevedo, Mariaelena Ruiz & Liz Fleming

Our experts share some advice:

Marisol says “A nugget of advice that has helped me tremendously is to take a good hard look at those toxic relationships from the perspective of why we chose that toxic relationship or person. It’s easy to blame the other person, but if we don’t look at why we accepted toxic behavior, then we will most certainly choose another dysfunctional relationship yet again. Different person, but same “type”.”

Mariaelena shares “Be patient, be committed, be flexible, give 100 %”

Liz says “I’d love to walk your audience through these 3 immediate steps they need to take right now if they want to succeed in their businesses, especially online, because it’s where business owners struggle most:

Step #1: Stop stressing over how many social media followers you want and start focusing on SERVING those you already have, whether it’s 10, 100, or 10,000. It’s painfully obvious when a business owner is marketing with desperation (constantly selling) and when they’re genuinely showing up to tell stories and provide value.

Step #2: Get your network audiences on an email list ASAP using a free offer/lead magnet that provides even MORE value. Social proof is great but, if you want to profit and scale, you have to learn how to take those fans + followers on a journey that begins and ends with you, in your space, where there’s less distraction and more of an opportunity for you to get to know them.

Step #3: Keep it simple.”

Marisol Acevedo
is a Relationship Coach. She mentors and coaches women in discovering their identity and self-worth, in doing so, they are better able to choose relationships based on what they know they deserve, as opposed to unhealthy ones. Learn more about Marisol at http://realtalkwithmari.com

Mariaelena Ruiz is the Co-owner and Professional Training Program Director of Cary Ballet Conservatory. She works with Directors, Co- owners, Dance Studios, enriching people’s lives through quality training in the art of classical ballet. Learn more about Mariaelena at http://www.mariaelenaruiz.com

Liz Fleming is a Digital Marketing Strategist she works with female solopreneurs. As a digital marketer with a public relations background, she specialized in organic marketing strategies, teaching her clients, members, and students, the key techniques they need in their toolkit to EARN massive exposure online, not pay for it. Learn more about Liz at https://www.elisabethfleming.com

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com