You are a strong leader when you have the self-esteem that can withstand self doubt.

Then, you’ll need the skills that give you a competitive advantage and a brand that makes you memorable. This mix creates the perfect combination for you to stand up and stand out.

To raise the bar on your life and results, seek the insights and guidance from those who have already done that. Our recent interview with these experts reveals the keys to stand up, stand out, so you can make the impact that you’re craving. First make sure that get your vision clarified (read more here: https://www.womenspeakersassociation….) and then move forward with the roadmap this interview lays out.

Your vision is foundational along with your self-confidence. In fact, they are linked. When you have a clear vision, you’ll need confidence in yourself to stand up, then you are ready to stand out.

On this September 24, 2020 WSA-TV Premier Show episode we feature powerful women leaders who share some simple ways to stand up, grow your positive esteem and what it takes to stand out

Featuring: Celeste DeCamps, Vivien Rayam & Dominique Hart

Our experts share some advice:

Celeste says “The mind and body are connected. If you stand tall, pull your shoulders back, lift your head and smile, your mind will believe you’re feeling strong and confident. All self-doubt disappears.”

Vivien shares “1. Coding is the way of the future and it is a critical skill for kids – almost as important as reading and math. Many of the jobs we see today will be replaced with technology so giving your child and opportunity to learn coding gives them the competitive advantage they will need in adulthood. Also, many people go into business for the wrong reason and don’t do their homework. You are going to spend a lot of hours and long nights building this business so you need to make sure it is the right one and you have a solid plan in place for success.”

Dominique says “I think the biggest thing that I want people to learn, as it relates to their visual brand, is just because you may not be a “designer”, doesn’t mean that your brand’s design automatically becomes the least important factor in your ROI goals. I NEED them to understand that your visual brand consists of more than just what you SEE via design. It also consists of the visual created in the mind of your audience (copywriting), what they hear (audio/voice/music), and how your audience feels in their heart (experience), as a result of coming in contact with you or your platform. Visual branding is THAT powerful. If you want to play a bigger game, you have to look the part COMPETITIVELY, and more often than not, your visual brand is doing the speaking for you before you even enter a room or someone gets to meet you in person (or virtually).”
Celeste DeCamps is a Speaker and Speaking Coach. She works with Women who need help with their self-esteem. She present valuable tools to help women stop the negative voice in their heads. Learn more about Celeste and her work at

Vivien Rayam is a Co-owner/Business Coach. She teaches kids to code between the ages of 5 and 14. They learn valuable skills for the 21st Century. In addition, she helps female entrepreneurs develop a roadmap for their business that is in line with their passion and purpose so their work feels like a ministry and not another job. Learn more about Vivien and her work at

Dominique Hart is a Visual Branding Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs enhance their self confidence by fully living and breathing their brand and vision. This helps create an enhanced brand perception, all while helping clients to establish a framework to achieve higher profits, in the process. Learn more about Dominique and her work at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: