Though it may sound counter-intuitive, slowing down might just be your key to catching up to success.

We’re not talking about sitting on the couch eating bonbons or checking out mentally and emotionally. In fact, slowing down means checking in. If you’re tired of going nowhere fast, try slowing down and thinking about where you want to go. Take your time and get really clear. Our experts share how to get clear. You’ll discover the questions you can ask yourself to sharpen your focus so you can scale up and position yourself for living your dreams. Tune in and take to heart their advice. We’d love to hear how you do.

On this Oct 8, 2020 WSA-TV Premier Show episode we feature powerful women leaders who share some simple ways to stand up, grow your positive esteem and what it takes to stand out

Featuring: Nkiru Asika, Cheryl Verrett & Li Hayes

Our experts share some advice:

Nkiru says “Becoming an authority starts with drilling down to the fundamentals of your brand – who are you and who do you want to be? who is your perfect audience? what is your value proposition and how do you communicate your value to your audience? what is your signature framework – your unique way of working? what is your story and how can you use that story to better market your business? I coach clients to get crystal clear on these key fundamentals – what I call the 5 Story Framework as a foundation for building their authority brand. This is what they need to do before seeking visibility as a speaker or getting featured in the press. You need to build the foundation first before you scale.”

Cheryl shares

  1.  Make a decision today to create the life you were meant to live and picture in your mind what that looks like.
  2. Write it down on a piece of paper. Now, write down what in your life is propelling you to your future or what is hindering your movement.
  3. Next to each item answer where did that information come from? Who told you? What experiences confirm that thought.
  4. Re create your story by removing or replacing thoughts that do not belong to you or that were not true. Re create your story by standing On your story not In your story.””

Li says “Smaller is better! Smaller target/niche market, smaller offering (area of expertise), and targeting smaller events will make you grow your speaking career bigger faster! Many speakers (even experienced speakers) try to be too much, do too much and be all things to all audiences. Stay focused!”
Nkiru Asika is a Marketing Strategist & Conversion Copywriter. She works with Women entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and professional service providers. She gives ambitious women the clarity, confidence and strategy to position themselves as authority brands so they can scale their income, influence and impact. Learn more about Nkiru at

Cheryl Verrett is a Speaker. She is passionate about transforming the lives of women, globally. Her mission is to educate, equip and empower women to release self sabotaging beliefs, release their untapped potential and increase their self esteem to create the world they’ve always dreamed. Learn more about Cheryl at

Li Hayes is an Event Integration Agent. She helps elevate the careers of professional speakers and makes events be wildly successful by supplying the top speakers. Learn more about Li at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: