Sometimes the only thing that lies between you and your goals is your mind.

If you’ve been hanging around Women Speakers Association members, you know how powerful the mind is. Our members know that tapping into the power of your mind is how you reach your potential, achieve your goals and make the impact your are passionate about making. If there’s a feeling that something is in the way, likely it’s in your mind. Though that may sound scary, overcoming that fear is easier than you think when you have someone who believes in you, has gone through something just as tough or tougher and has your back.

On this Nov 19, 2020 WSA-TV Premier Show episode we feature powerful women leaders reveal how they help people break the invisible barriers of the mind and live up to their potential.

Featuring: Wendy Ryan, Natasha E. Williams, Deborah Marcia Rubin & and Wendi Hall, CPA, IAR

Our experts share some advice:

Wendy says “Leadership is influencing someone to achieve a certain outcome not solely for your own benefit. It is the combination of how you think (mindsets), what you know or know how to do (skillsets), and how you show up to others (behaviors) that manifest greatness in leadership.”

Natasha shares “Have belief in self, be fearless, set goals, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and never give up, no matter what.”

Deborah provides “a quick and simple breathing exercise to soothe the busy mind and energize the body. It can be done anywhere and anytime; sitting or standing tall. Relax the shoulders. Breathe light, slow and deep into the lower ribs and belly. Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the nose. Breathe so lightly that a feather beneath your nostrils would hardly move. Practice for 3-5 minutes or whenever you remember to breathe. Good to do many times throughout the day.”

Wendi reminds us “No matter what your level of income, set aside a percentage of all revenue for profit, taxes, personal compensation, and operating expenses. Don’t buy something under the premise that you can “write it off.” You still have to pay for it. If you aren’t mindful of your business finances you will soon be out of business.”


Wendy Ryan is a Chief Executive Officer. She leads an interdisciplinary team of leadership and culture experts on a mission to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world by helping them do the hard inner work required for profound transformation. Learn more about Wendy at

Natasha E. Williams is a Founder and Author. She helps to inspire other women to stop limiting themselves, be fearless and not give up on their dreams. Learn more about Natasha at

Deborah Marcia Rubin is a Healthy You Coach. She teaches individuals simple tools for accessing their inner potential and joy through the timeless wisdom of breathing, yoga and meditation. Learn more about Deborah at

Wendi Hall, CPA, IAR is a Business Financial Advisor. She helps speakers and coaches who feel their business and personal finances are a mystery and out of control, so they can feel confident about their business decisions, spend more time doing the work they love, pay off debt, provide more financial stability for their families, and achieve their retirement goals. Learn more about Wendi at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: