Today, January 11th, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of

Women Speakers Association.

It was January 11, 2011 that we went LIVE.

As this day approached, I have spent a great deal of time reflecting over this past decade. A time remembering the many different aspects that go into the day-to-day activity of this community and what dominates my thoughts the most has been the many faces of women that I’ve been met along the way.

When we first started we shared the vision of breaking free of the traditional model and set forth the commitment to be a demonstration of a new model, one that was grounded in contribution, collaboration and had women at the forefront. Looking back, that makes me smile but it is exactly that what has happened.

There are many women since 2011 that have come to WSA , asking how they could help. Members just like you. They believed in the vision of helping more women get their message out into this world so they stepped up and shared their expertise, their experience, developing systems, and creating opportunities for more visibility.

My greatest joy has always been the personal conversations that I’ve had with many of our members and truly, that is what fills my heart the most. I know your life’s journey, your story and the work you do in this world is your greatest gift and I’m grateful for the opportunity that you choose to share it here.

When we took a stand in 2011 with a commitment to support and promote women and their message. It was then that we declared that “now more than ever the world needs you”… that was true back then , but never before has it been even truer than right now.

Your message and your voice matter because YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Knowing that WSA has been built, literally by thousands of women makes this anniversary incredibly special, and this day belongs to you.

It is because of you and your passion and commitment for sharing your message, that we are here today, able to influence, inspire and make a difference in this life of so many in this world.

Thank you.

We would not be here without you.

This coming year, its going to be one big celebration and I invite you to be a big part of it. We have many things planned so please make sure you keep an eye on emails for what’s coming. Reach out to support if you are not getting emails. I do not want you to miss ANYTHING. We are celebrating together.

A decade of gratitude dedicated and celebrating you.

From my heart, Thank you.

Gail Watson
Founder & CEO
Women Speakers Association