Get ready to have your superpowers activated!

At Women Speakers Association we connect you with the people, resources, and experiences that help you be the superwoman you are meant to be. A woman’s passion is an unstoppable force, when she accesses it.

Is something in the way? Are you wondering where your passion is or how to reach your potential? This Premier Women’s show will give you the inside know-how to get on track with a life of meaning, passion, purpose and live your fullest potential.

On this March 11, 2021 WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Members are the perfect guides to be the unstoppable force you’re meant to be. You are meant to make a big difference.

Featuring: Jamie Dandar McKinney, Taralyn Michelle
& Nicolle D. Surratte

Our experts share some advice and tips:

Jamie says “You must SPEAK UP and use your voice. Your voice is the vehicle that will take you wherever you want to go. Built upon a foundation of confidence women need to use their voice to cultivate three things for success – (1) Presence, (2) Credit for their Work and a (3) MAC Team. MAC is an acronym that stands for Mentors, Allies and Champions. All are easily achievable with a plan and strategy in place!”

Taralyn Michelle recommends that you “F.A.S.T to fuel your way forward. (F)ocus on what you really want, (A)ccept and welcome the journey ahead, (S)ubmit by giving yourself permission to own the challenge of change in a new normal and (T)ransform by releasing what you held as true and owning what you now know to be your truth.”

Nicolle reminds us that “We are modern day Superwomen dealing with a modern day kryptonite called stress. Stress is an epidemic that is negatively impacting our personal and professional lives. We can be so busy taking care of everyone and every thing else, that we fail to take care of ourselves. When we invest in self-care, which isn’t selfish but essential, the benefits extend beyond ourselves to include the people with whom we live, work and play.”


Jamie Dandar McKinney is a Trainer, Speaker and Coach. She works with emerging women leaders through virtual workshops, keynote talks and coaching. She empowers professional women to ditch doubts, speak up and achieve the careers they deserve and desire. Learn more about Jamie at

Taralyn Michelle is an Author & Mindset Coach. She works with women who desire establishing a solid emotional and spiritual foundation for their lives and offers programs that help women connect to their Divine Design. Learn more about Taralyn at

Nicolle D. Surratte is a Speaker & Health Coach. She helps women avoid chronic health conditions via stress management, lifestyle changes and self-care strategies. Learn more about Nicolle at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: