We are all about helping you get your message to go global.

At Women Speakers Association we believe no matter how well known or unknown you are, your voice matters and our goal is to bring together resources, experiences, and a community to help you shine. We’ve been doing this for 10 years and we’ve listened to our members and continued to evolve the opportunities available to our sisterhood. For the past five we’ve helped over 80 authors become bestselling authors. Every Premier Member receives a speaker profile to attract both “speak to enroll” and paid speaking engagements on the most popular speaker directory event planners reference. Our Premier Facebook group, speaker success trainings, and networking opportunities are the perfect environment where members create new and powerful friendships and rewarding alliances.

This special anniversary episode is geared to inspire women to make a Global Impact.

On this June 24, 2021 WSA-TV Anniversary Show episode our Premier Member share share how WSA brings helps you get your message out around the world.

Featuring: Michela Quilici

We are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Women Speakers Association. Everyday there are more and more examples of women coming to the forefront to lead, inspire, and create positive change.

We are all about helping you get your message to go global. Women Speakers Association supports you in making a global impact in many ways including:

1. A community of like-minded women ready to support each other (including new members) (http://joinwsa.com)

2. Networking events to meet women all over the world (see https://wsalive.com/events)

3. Private Facebook group including getting connected to speaking gigs

4. Voices of the 21st Century authorship and best selling author campaign (https://voicesofthe21stcentury.com)

5. NEW: Go Global Visibility program – learn more by submitting request here https://womenspeakersassociation.com/global

Michela Quilici is a Business Growth & Marketing Expert goes into depth on how to make a global impact especially with Women Speakers Association. She helps empower business owners and leaders to firstly, lead themselves, then to become more of who they are, so they can create success for themselves in all areas of life. Taking a mindful and strategic approach to designing a business (and life) on their own terms, while being fully aligned to who they are, so they can make the kind of impact they want to make in the world. Learn more about Michela at https://michelaquilici.com/

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com