Triumphing over trauma

After more than a year of dealing with a pandemic more people are experiencing the effects of traumatic life events and some are also dealing with emotional trauma in relationships. The road to healing and thriving after trauma is different for everyone, but you can smooth it out with some guidance. The first step is acknowledging where you’re at and that you may have experienced a hard time that has impacted you emotionally. Once you know that, the journey toward triumph can begin.

On this July 22, 2021 WSA-TV Premier Show episode Rita Dunham shares stories and wisdom from her own experiences of being a widow, single mom, and how she keeps moving through the challenges and thrives.

Rita says “Whatever you do in life lead with kindness”

Rita Dunham is an Author & Educator. She works with people overcoming setbacks. She shares strategies to help people overcome obstacles in life that often prevent people from reaching their full potential. Learn more about Rita and her work at

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