Momentum for Transformation

We often bring you experts to share their best advice on how to cultivate your best self, self-actualize, grow your speaking career, and manifest your desires. As we all know transformation is an inside job. It can take years and it can also happen much quicker. Creating momentum in the area of your transformation first and foremost requires that you have a deep desire and second you are willing to go within to bring about that desire.

On this September 16, 2021 WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Members will take you on a journey where you will discover the skills every leader must have to be effective, how to perform an emotional decluttering, and live more cleanly to support your physical body in your desired transformation.

Featuring: Brooke Schiller, Ricki McKenna & Zette Harbour

Our experts share their advice for women leaders and speakers:

Brooke shares that “My scalable model and set of seven skills innovates leadership development in a way that propels leaders at all levels. I help leaders and organizations master these seven skills and contribute fully, benefiting the individual, the team and the organization. When you work with me, you’ll define what’s next and you will be ready for it!”

Ricki says to “Clean up your kitchen, body, and car: Get the “smelly stuff”, candles, plug-ins, dryer sheets, and other chemically laden cleaning, cosmetics and bath products OUT of your house and life. Your sinuses and other health problems and need for medications (may) no-longer persist, and you and your family will feel much better. It’s cheaper and far more pleasant living without all those complaints, sickness and doctor visits.”

Zette offers “A simple, practical technique to begin the process of inner decluttering is called S.E.A.L. When something unpleasant or negative happens and you feel stress, fear, or pain, say these four sentences to yourself.
I see you.
I embrace you.
I appreciate you.
I love you.
These statements will support your conscious mind in dissolving the negative attachments even if you don’t ‘feel’ what you are saying.”


Brooke Schiller is a Leadership Coach and Speaker. She makes the world a better place for leaders at all levels and those who support them by helping them reimagine what it means to be a leader in the 21st century and realize greater freedom, authenticity, agility, and impact. You can learn more about Brooke at

Ricki McKenna is a Leadership Coach and Speaker. She works with individuals who are transitioning and helps them understand the critical impact food has on their bodies and brains; with tools for creating radically healthier, richer, more productive and joy-filled lives. You can learn more about Ricki at

Zette Harbour is a Transformational Coach & Professional Storyteller. She helps thought leaders achieve clarity, find meaning, and claim the value of their story that helps them rock the world so they can deliver the change they know they’re here to be. You can learn more about Zette at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: