Yes, you have the power to Confidently Change the World

Your confidence and vision can change the world when you leverage the power of community.

Confidence makes a difference when you’re a thought leader. Here at Women Speakers Association, we believe every woman’s message matters and we are celebrating 10 years of advancing the voice of women changemakers. Two of our premier members share how to grow your confidence and change the world while utilizing the power of the global community at Women Speakers Association.

The power of collaboration has many ripple effects. You never know where a new connection will take you. In fact, you may meet someone from Australia or Kenya just to be connected to someone in your area that you wouldn’t have otherwise known. When you express your intention and share with your community what impact you want to make you put the wheels in motion for new opportunities to arise. This happens every day all around the globe within our community.

We’d love to amplify your confidence to make the greatest positive impact you desire.

On this September 30, 2021 WSA-TV Anniversary Show episode our Premier Members share share the power of collaboration and confidence found through community at Women Speakers Association.

Featuring: Lucky Lauridsen & Paula M. Kramer

Our experts share their messages for women leaders and speakers:

Lucky reminds us “To stay passionate and focused on your message and the higher purpose that it serves. Everything else will fall into place, the people that it is meant to receive it will be drawn to you.”

Paula suggests that we “Create success for other women to give them reasons to create success for you. The successes other women created for me have given me unexpected rewards.”

Lucky Lauridsen is a Registered Nurse, Educator & Speaker. She works with Elder Care Providers in residential or home support to offer solutions in preparing and integrating new unskilled staff to the frontlines faster, increasing the quality of care, reducing stress, and saving management time, money, and their reputation. She is passionate about creating elder-friendly communities that are inclusive and supportive of all seniors no matter how their aging. Learn more about Lucky at

Paula M. Kramer is a Positivity Promoter. She is passionate about creating equality between people of any characteristic. Learn more about Paula at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: