In stressful times, effective, dynamic leaders who produce results are far and few between.

Leaders who can rally their teams to collaborate and buyin to the overall vision are in high demand. Do you aspire to evolve your ability to make a greater impact with the teams you lead and the organizations you run?

On this October 21, 2021 WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Members have several strategies to grow your leadership capabilities. These foundational processes have the potential to turn around organizations that are on the brink of layoffs, and leaders who are about to burn out.

Featuring: Laura Rochelle Ragin, Vicky McGrath & Dawn Holly Johnson

Our experts share their advice for women leaders and speakers:

Laura shares “I believe there are four underlying principles to self-care. I think until you embrace these principles knowingly or unknowingly, we can find it hard to implement self-care in our daily lives. These principles are commitment, consistency, self-compassion, and time. Today I want to speak about the principle of time. When you are busy with your daily responsibilities, it can feel like an additional burden instead of a benefit to adding any activity (especially a self-care activity) to your already busy, overcommitted schedule.
I have often heard that I don’t have time, and adding one thing only adds more stress. There are many things we can discuss around time and prioritizing. But I want to speak to this one concept or thought about the time you get daily.

Think about it this way — Every day, we get 24 hours. Each hour has 60 minutes. That means we have 1,440 minutes every day. If I subtract 6 hours for sleep which is 360 minutes, that will leave you with 1,080 minutes available to you every day. So I always ask the question? Can you find 5 minutes out of 1080 minutes a day? Neuroscience tells us we can course-correct from stress in 60 – 90 seconds– with just a breathing activity. The 5 minutes is only .004 of your time available. Are you worthy, or don’t you believe you deserve at least .004 of your day for something that can be your daily antidote to stress? I hope so.

What can I do with 5 minutes? Plenty– Meditation, breathing exercises, sitting quietly. Reading a short article, take some steps. I ask my client to reconsider how she perceives her available time every day and include a micro-self care activity. If you can begin with a 5-minute self-care activity, it will be beneficial to you and ultimately benefit your entire circle of influence– your family, friends, peers because you are showing whole and complete, not stressed out and overwhelmed.”

Vicky says that “I would like to share how WSA listeners can use their intuition and my 5-part framework DCGIR (Dream, Create a Plan, Gratitude, Inspired Action, Review) to create a life they love. ”

Dawn suggests “Everyone working in your organization needs to able to articulate and focus on the purpose of your business. Know your company value proposition and focus all resources on delivering that value efficiently and effectively and you cannot help but be wildly successful.”


Laura Rochelle Ragin is a Certified Life Coach. She assists mid-career level professional women in clarifying the vision, direction, and possibilities for their very busy and demanding life. All her methods and processes she uses to implement her vision are rooted in the foundation of self-nurturing or what many may call self-care. You can learn more about Laura at

Vicky McGrath is a Your Intuition Genie. She helps motivated mid-life women create a life they love by using their intuition.

Dawn Holly Johnson is a CEO & Principal Consultant, 3D Value Group. She works with ambitious CEOs in growing B2B sectors struggling to grow equity, scale effectively, adapt easily, become more productive and collaborative, and improve customer and employee retention to quickly generate Wildly Successful results. You can learn more about Dawn Holly at

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: