Want to know how to continue your growth and transformation?

As we round the final bend of 2021 and the Women Speakers Association (WSA) 10th Anniversary we land on the perfect topic… continuing our growth and transformation.

What WSA strives for and we hear echoed over and over are the possibilities that women naturally grow into while being nurtured, supported, and given the resources and training for. Every year we put great thought into what is serving members, what are members wanting more or less of, and how can we ensure we provide that. During this 10th anniversary year of serving and growing women speakers, we have fostered more wins, possibilities and even business transformations.

On this October 28, 2021 WSA-TV Anniversary Show episode our Premier Members share their wisdom, personal experience, and stories.

Featuring: Anita D Russell, Anne-Marie Dekker & Michelle St. Jane

Our experts share their messages for women leaders and speakers:

Anita shares her recipe – “Find the right ingredients to create your recipe for success; for what you are serving to the world. I created my recipe with seven key ingredients:
• Significance: Make a difference in the lives of others.
• Uniqueness: Embrace the uniqueness within yourself and others.
• Connection: Recognize the human connection in all people.
• Change: Cultivate change from the inside out.
• Empower: Break barriers and disrupt limiting beliefs.
• Share: Recognize that someone needs to hear your message.
• Seize Opportunity: Act with urgency, expectation, and faith.

Above all, you must be the change you want to see.”

Anne-Marie reminds us to “Continue to lead by asking the questions. Continue to show your leadership and strength, and also be cognizant of any fears and uncertainties. Leading means being ready to be vulnerable. You’re doing a fantastic job.”

Michelle says “You are a conscious being who influences the world around you through your thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions. Why not listen to the wildness of your heart, the call of your soul and lean into your life directed by your inner compass. The present really is your gift.”

Anita D Russell is a Transformation Coach. She specializes in creating brave space for conversations about personal transformation, racism, and cultivating change. She works primarily with experienced women entrepreneurs, business professionals, and experts who desire a personal life change. As a transformation coach, her role is to inform and empower by asking questions to disrupt limiting beliefs, deepen self-knowledge, and challenge assumptions. Learn more about Anita at https://theplacetosoar.com/

Anne-Marie Dekker is a Transformational Coach. She works with anyone who lives his/her values as fully as possible and who finds him/herself stuck in their narrative. We’ve all been there. Life is about changes, new landscapes, new horizons. Life is not about neat compartments. Life is about being present, as much as we can. She believes in living with a “beginners” mind so we can live fuller lives, personally as well professionally. Being present begins with truly listening. To others and also to oneself. A Beginner’s mind means, “I’m here. I am present. I am learning.” Learn more about Anne-Marie at http://www.fourlovescoaching.com/

Michelle St. Jane works with global leaders and re-emerging leaders (those nearing retirement) to create community/tribe, a circle of influence, transcendency of compassionate leadership in the world and wider universe through video-podcasting and mentoring. You can learn more about Michelle at https://www.podpage.com/life-leadership-a-conscious-journey

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com