If you’re facing challenges and going it alone isn’t getting you anywhere or maybe you have set some goals, it’s time to empower your success.

So many times our aspirations get thwarted or we realize we’re in over our heads. No worries. We’ve got your back. There are many resources that those with a vision can call upon. However, we often forget to do so. Just take a breather first. Really focus on your goals. Remember what’s important.

On this November 18, 2021 WSA-TV Premier Show episode our Premier Members have been in the trenches, they’ve worked through some challenges, they found what works, and now walk their talk. They are ready to help you SPARKLE

Featuring: Catherine M Laub, Dr. Carla Gibson, Kristen Donnelly, Ph.D., Kim Riley & Angeline Moore

Our experts share their advice for women leaders and speakers:

Catherine shares “”Use Turquoise in Everything – Clothing, jewelry, headbands, wallet, pocketbook, home furnishings, turquoise paper, and pen. Create a vision board on turquoise paper.”

Dr. Carla says “As women, we wear our stress like a badge of honor. But that stress deteriorates our health and there’s a cost to pay in our later years. Treat yourself as your number one asset and don’t settle for just feeling “ok” at the end of your day. Work with someone who can create a plan to help you achieve your goals and stick with it consistently. Don’t give up and push through and survive – set yourself up to thrive.”

Kristen shares “The best way to build empathy is to intentionally encounter difference in low-stakes environments. For example, documentaries or memoirs about cultures different than yours. Listening to how the world is for someone else will help you deepen your humanity.”

Kim shares “Presence creates impact. The more we are able to get out of our heads with its constant thought patterns and worries and focus our attention instead on the sensations and energy we feel inside our physical bodies, the more present in the moment we become. The more present we become, the more settled and confident we feel, the more comfortable we are to express ourselves, and the more others begin listen to us. Listening and getting other people’s attention is what creates impact.

Do this simple 3-step exercise to experience what it feels like to move from headspace to bodyspace, from mind chatter to presence.
1) First, focus attention in your head and on your thoughts. You can easily do this by worrying about something. Now, speak for a minute about your work or something important to you in your life.
2) The second step is to focus attention on the abdominal region of your body a few inches below your naval and back towards your spine. Imagine a small bright light suspended in that space. Now, speak for a minute about your work or something important to you.
3) Reflect on any difference you noticed in how and what you spoke about when focused on the two places of attention. What did you notice about the tone and speed of your voice? The content and depth of what you spoke about? The amount of positive or negative language and description you used?”

Angeline advises “My mission is to give a safe space to other working moms who are busy doing all the things, for them to fully embrace the mantra that “Self-Love is not Selfish”. A great way to do that is to create a morning “Self-Love” routine, and start off your day with prayer, gratitude, laughter, and positive affirmations.”


Catherine M Laub is a Health and Wellness Mentor. She supports conscious entrepreneurs in gaining clarity, focus, and becoming empowered so they no longer feel overwhelmed, depressed or anxious by incorporating the color turquoise in their daily lives. You can learn more about Catherine at https://thetqlady.com/

Dr. Carla Gibson is a Chiropractor. She’s passionate about helping women find answers to their fatigue and chronic pain issues so they can fulfill their visions. You can learn more about Carla at https://www.abundanthealtharizona.com/

Kristen Donnelly, PhD is an Empathy Educator. She helps people cultivate curiosity about themselves and others to build understanding, which then leads to a more cohesive society rather than one fractured with assumptions and stereotypes. You can learn more about Kristen at https://www.abbey-research.com/

Kim Riley is a Midlife Transition Coach. She works with women in their 40s to 60s who are building their leadership skills and are interested in partnering to mastermind and support each other in building our respective businesses. The impact she is making is seeing other women build and improve their leadership skills so they increase their own effectiveness as leaders who impact the lives of the clients or people they serve. You can learn more about Kim at https://bit.ly/KimRiley

Angeline Moore is a Transformational Life Coach & Laughter Yoga Leader. She is passionate to have busy/exhausted moms embrace the mantra of “Self Love Is not Selfish”.Her mission is to help Activate, Align, and Amplify the SPARKLE with in each woman she serves, so they can glow up brightly as the true Mom Queen they were born to be. You can learn more about Angeline at https://msha.ke/aplusliving/

Our Host and Producer is Laura Rubinstein, Certified Hypnotherapist, Digital Media & Marketing Mentor and Business Transformation Strategist. Follow her blog here: http://TransformToday.com